3 Teaspoons Premiere Night - Kabelo Maak


As a young South African studio we are full of life and excitement for the future of the local & international animation industry. After graduating from university and finishing her internship with the NFVF (The National Film and Video Foundation) Cabblow - our founder - actioned out a childhood dream and created this studio. Cabblow Studios is about telling stories that educate and inspire people. We are about cultivating a unique voice that contributes meaningfully to the animation conversation.

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Dr Tshepo P. Maaka

Head of Business Development | Director of Medical Animation

 Dr Tshepo P. Maaka has been a medical practitioner registered with the Health Professions Council since 1994, practicing mainly anaesthesiology. Until early 2018, Dr Maaka has been running an obstetrical anaesthetic practice at both the Sunninghill and Waterfall Hospitals in Gauteng.

She partnered with her daughter Kabelo in forming Cabblow Studios and together, they are combining their skills in medicine and animation to carve out a unique niche in the South African animation market. They hope to produce content to educate on health in order to promote compliance and healthy living, and to produce better health outcomes

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Kabelo "Cabblow" Maaka

Creative Director | Animation Director

Kabelo is passionate about animation and
about sharing that passion with others. She founded Cabblow Studios in 2017 as part of her vision to be a game-changer in the animation industry. She has received a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Honours) in Animation and Scriptwriting from AFDA and was also part of the 2016 international summer school in character animation at Gobelins L'École de L'Image, Paris France.

Kabelo is a visionary with a warm and infectious personality and she is a curios and keen observer of life.

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