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3 Teaspoons of Sugar at Annecy 2020

A Cabblow Studios original short film

Our first original short film produced in 2019 and premiered on the 14th of November 2019 on World Diabates Day. 


In a household where meal times are a delightful feast full of bonding, fellowship & good eating, 3 members of this tight knit family are diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus.

3 Teaspoons of Sugar chronicles their individual experiences living with Diabetes - the highs, lows, defeats, victories and lessons.

Inspired by real events and real people.


*Africa Rising International Film Festival 2019
*Annecy International Animation Festival 2020
*Lagos Festival of Animation 2020 Semi-Finalist

*Accra Animation Film Festival 2020

*China International Conference of Science and Education Producers 2020

*Africa-in-Motion Festival 2020

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