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Check out the latest workshops, masterclasses and screening dates from Cabblow Studios.

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For all those artists who find themselves wearing a producer hat out of necessity - this 2-hour virtual masterclass is for you!

  • Feel prepared and confident to take on your next project

  • Meet & network with other creatives

  • Let's solve your specific problem together with Q&A and peer discussion

  • Learn from my experience so you don't have to make the same mistakes

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If somebody had told me that when I decided I was going to be an animator that I would end up leading a team, managing a production, creating budgets & spreadsheets, conducting production meetings and pitching projects I would've probably felt VEEERY overwhelmed & intimidated!

Fast forward to 2022 with 5 years experience, an award-winning short film & company, a growing team of 8, A virtual residency under our belts, a Mail & Guardian Young South African award, 9 short films later, 21 episode of Dr T's Nuggets and a bunch more client projects (plus an ENTIRE pandemic - WILD) I've built up some resilience and experience that I would like to share with my fellow artists turned producers who find themselves at the beginning of this journey!


  1. Intro the Animation Eco-system - Understand your context

  2. What are you making? - Know your format

  3. The Production Pipeline - Understanding your Process

  4. Production Scheduling - What is happening and when?

  5. Production Plan - Dividing up the work

  6. Production Budget - How much money do you need to do this?

  7. Lessons from our failures & examples from our successes


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